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Good Morning!

27 Jan 2017 Steph Heard   Zumba

It's another chilly one today in Crediton. I have just taught Zumba and Pilates at Cheriton Fitzpaine, got everyone warmed up and smiling. Reasons I love my job.

Cheriton Fitzpaine Carnival

14 Apr 2016 Steph Heard   Zumba

Carnival time is looming, planning get together's are being held and decisions made.......
Fame... Zumba is coming to Cheriton Fitzapine!!

New Zumba

8 May 2014 Steph Heard   Zumba
New Zumba image

Starting tonight at 6-6:45pm a zumba class at the Waie Inn, Zeal Monachorum.

Everyone welcome, suitable for all abilities.


2 Feb 2014 Steph Heard   Zumba

Really enjoy doing the charity class last week, refund my love for this exercise form. Looking at new classes, watch this space.

Let's Zumba

24 Jan 2014 Steph Heard   Zumba

Charity Zumba class tonight Haywards Primary School Crediton 7:30 pm in aid of ELF.

Belated Christmas Lunch

10 Jan 2014 Steph Heard   Zumba

Last Christmas rescheduled lunch today for Zumba because I was ill when originally planned.