Eating healthy during winter

14 Nov 2016 Sandra Wright Food advice

It is so easy to sit back during the winter months and binge on unhealthy foods. I always find that if the sun is out, I have the 'get up and go' feeling, but when the weather is gloomy and miserable all I want to do is sit down, watch a film under a cosy blanket and nibble on all sorts of things.

The NHS says that winter weight gain isn't just an urban myth, and that most of us could gain around a pound (half a kilo) during the winter months. This extra weight which is extremely difficult to loose later. Another reason given for the weight gain is over-indulging over Christmas and the lack of physical activity!

Here is a list of things to avoid if you can:
- fizzy drinks (not great for your teeth either)
- high sugar foods
- high fat foods
- really spicy food (these may cause havoc with your stomach)
- cream-based soups
- crisps

Have some healthy alternatives ready in your cupboard waiting for this 'got to eat something' moment:
- dried fruits
- fresh fruit such as oranges (high in vitamin C)
- berries (including goji berries)
- sunflower seeds
- nuts

Also remember to stock up your cupboards with things like:
- tinned tomatoes
- spices
- noodles
- rice
- beans and pulses
- dried wholewheat pasta
- couscous
- extra bread in the freezer for an emergency

Remember having useful things in the cupboard and house will mean that you will be less likely to get a takeaway (which will be high in calories). Instead save yourself money and have the supplies ready so that you can put together a quick and nutritional meal instead.

Be sensible, eat healthy and don't forget to exercise this Christmas!