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Personal Trainer Client

10 Dec 2013 Steph Heard   Personal Trainer

Welcome back! After trip to Australia, my client has returned today for training session with me.

School Choir

9 Dec 2013 Steph Heard   Best Foot Forward

The room next door to our class today had a primary school choir singing out Christmas carols, they were great to listen too.


8 Dec 2013 Steph Heard   General

Feeling back to normal again now, unfortunately, had to cancel classes Friday as I had a tummy bug.

Christmas Lunch 2

5 Dec 2013 Steph Heard   Aqua Aerobics

Just returned from my first Christmas lunch, we visited the Ruffwell inn, Thorverton with ladies and gents from aqua aerobic at Tiverton. Full up now!

Spinning Class

3 Dec 2013 Steph Heard   Spinning

Had lots of laughter and jokes in spinning class this morning.

Chritmas Meals No 1

2 Dec 2013 Steph Heard   Best Foot Forward

Had first Christmas meal for my best foot forward class today.


28 Nov 2013 Steph Heard   General

A blog of a trial I-pad.... to buy or not to buy!!??


28 Nov 2013 Steph Heard   General

No aqua aerobics tonight because I am going late-night Christmas shopping. Not been for at least 7years! Wish me luck.

Christmas Dinners

27 Nov 2013 Steph Heard   General

More and more Christmas meals being scheduled for all my classes. Looking forward to them but we shall all have to work harder in class from now.


26 Nov 2013 Steph Heard   General

I'm back with another blog for you... in spinning today someone couldn't turn the pedals because of high resistance but he managed to try a bit harder!!