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Keeping Warm

20 Jan 2016 Steph Heard   What I've done...

Have you been keeping warm during this recent cold spell? I introduced some Zumba tracks in an aerobics class today to get everyone moving quicker, it soon got us all warm.
Remember if you are out walking wrap up with layers which can be gradually removed to still keep warm.

Great Numbers!!

20 Jan 2016 Steph Heard   General

So pleasing to see everyone getting back to there exercise regimes after the new year. Having great numbers turning up for classes.

Keep it up!!

Plan Ahead!

17 Jan 2016 Steph Heard   General


This will help take the stress away from everyday thinking 'what shall we have for tea' or 'what's healthy to eat'.

Plan now..............

Looking Forward To The Weekend Already?

15 Jan 2016 Steph Heard   General

Are you already feeling exhausted?
Have you achieved what you wanted this week, in terms of 'you' time?

Well, there's still time.... Go for a nice family walk somewhere, beach or quay, or moors/forest. Somewhere everyone will be happy.
Keep thinking about planning your meals this will help take...

Too Busy!!!

11 Jan 2016 Steph Heard   General

Are you too busy to go to an exercise class after work? Maybe you're doing taxi duties with children after school?

Well, no excuses you can still find some 'you' time and do some fitness. Even if at work it's taking the stairs instead of the lift. At school, run park the car further away from the...

Healthy Packed Lunch Options

11 Jan 2016 Steph Heard   Food advice

Packed lunches can get boring, so here are some alternatives:
Chicken breast cubes with egg rice.
Tuna, sweetcorn, cucumber with pasta.
Wholemeal pitta bread filled with ham and fresh salad.
Wholemeal wrap filled with low-fat cheese spread, spring onions and peppers.
Fresh salad with boiled egg and...

Welcome To 2016!!!

11 Jan 2016 Steph Heard   General

For some people, this week commencing is their first full week back to work or school or college in 2016.
Are you prepared;
with your healthy packed lunches?
with your healthy planned evening meals?
with your evening activity, walking or a fitness class?
Well now is your...

Exam Results

10 Aug 2015 Steph Heard   What I've done...

Good luck to everyone receiving their exam results soon.

Personal Training Wedding Package

11 Jul 2015 Steph Heard   Personal Trainer

For a year I have been working with a couple planning to get married. Today is there special day, congratulations and well done to them for all the hard work they have put into training. They have become good friends over this last year.
All the best for your future together.

Swimming Lessons

30 Jun 2015 Steph Heard   Swimming Lessons

Another 10-week course of swimming lessons has come to an end at the Waie Inn.
If anyone is interested in starting a course of lessons, please contact me.